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CCD2 Car Wash

In CCD2, players can go to car wash stations to wash the currently used vehicle. This feature is sufficient to understand that vehicles have the ability to get dirty. The car being used can...


CCD2 Camera Types

The producers answered the questions from players briefly in Developer Diaries #21. One of these is about the types of cameras that will be in the game. In the video below, you can see...


Economy in City Car Driving 2

Developers have shared some information about how the economy will work in the game in their Dev diary #18. According to this, players will be able to earn income by completing various tasks during...


When will City Car Driving 2 be released?

The simulation game City Car Driving 2.0, which elaborates on driving a car down to the most detailed aspects, will be available in September 2024. The first game, released in 2016, made quite a...